January 21-25, 2013, Roznov pod Radhostem, Czech Republic. Details about the Seminar on Numerical Analysis and Winter School - SNA'13 are now available here.

ERC-CZ MORE Workshop 2013

November 24-27, 2013, Chateau Liblice, Czech Republic. Information about the workshop can be found here.

SPOMECH Workshop 2012

November 19-23, 2012, Ostrava, Czech Republic. Workshop on supercomputing and computational solid and fluid mechanics and Autumn school on Parallel solution of large engineering problems. For further information please visit the official website.

Mathematical Theory in Fluid Mechanics

May 24-31, 2013, Kacov, Czech Republic. The latest information concerning the 13th School on Mathematical Theory in Fluid Mechanics are available on the official website.

AIME@CZ 2012

November 7-8, 2012, Prague, Czech Republic. The workshop aims at reporting recent achievements in applied mathematics in engineering. Zdeněk Strakoš and Josef Málek will give their talks as invited speakers. Further information about the workshop can be found here.

Equadiff 13

August 26-28, 2013, Prague, Czech Republic. The next conference in the Czecho-Slovak Equadiff series after Bratislava 2005 and Brno 2009 takes place in Prague. You are cordially welcome to participate. For further information please visit the conference website.

MORE: talk by J. Hron

Jaroslav Hron will give presentation on Implicitly constituted materials: mixed formulations, numerical solutions and computations.

MORE: talk by V. Průša

On Monday, 8th October, Vít Průša will report on a joint result with K. R. Rajagopal concerning the implicit consitutive relations for materials with fading memory [cite]10.1016/j.jnnfm.2012.06.004[/cite]. Abstract Starting with an implicit constitutive relation between the stress and relative deformation gradient histories to describe the response of a fluid, and using the assumption of fadingmemory, ...

Start of the project.

The starting point of the project.

Project awarding ceremony

Project awarding ceremony