Liblice meeting 2013

Group photo from the Liblice meeting 2013
First workshop of the project ERC-CZ MORE Implicitly constituted materials: Modeling, analysis, and computing.

November 24-27, 2013, Chateau Liblice, Czech Republic.

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  • List of presentations:


    Bothe, Dieter: Continuum thermodynamics of chemically reacting multicomponent fluid systems [bibtex] [ris]
    Bulíček, Miroslav: Mathematical Analysis of Models Describing the Motion of Implicitly Constituted Materials [bibtex] [ris]


    Čapek, Marek: Blood flow modelling [bibtex] [ris]


    Diening, Lars: On BMO estimates for the p-Laplacian and p-fluids [bibtex] [ris]


    Feireisl, Eduard: On the well-posedness problems for (certain) complete fluid systems [bibtex] [ris]


    Gérard-Varet, David: The Effect of Rough Walls on Laminar Flows [bibtex] [ris]
    Gergelits, Tomáš: Tracking the trajectory in finite precision CG computations [bibtex] [ris]


    Heida, Martin: Nonperiodic Homogenization of Pradtl-Reuss Plasticity [bibtex] [ris]
    Hron, Jaroslav: Computational results for flows of implicitly constituted fluids [bibtex] [ris]


    Janečka, Adam: Stability of Flows of Incompressible Stress Power-law Fluids [bibtex] [ris]
    Jiránek, Pavel: A general software framework for parallel (algebraic) multigrid methods [bibtex] [ris]


    Kulvait, Vojtěch: Computer Analysis and Simulation of Strain Limiting Models With Linearized Strain [bibtex] [ris]


    Minakowski, Piotr: Fluid Model of Crystal Plasticity [bibtex] [ris]
    Mucha, Piotr B: Structure/regularity of solutions to sudden directional diffusion systems [bibtex] [ris]
    Müller, Benjamin: Mixed Least Squares Finite Element Methods for Hyperelastic Materials [bibtex] [ris]


    Otto, Felix: A quantitative theory in stochastic homogenization [bibtex] [ris]


    Papež, Jan: Spatial distribution of errors in numerical solution of PDEs [bibtex] [ris]
    Průša, Vít: On implicit constitutive relations in continuum mechanics and thermodynamics [bibtex] [ris]
    Pultarová, Ivana: Gene computation using algebraic multigrid (Three multigrid schemes) [bibtex] [ris]


    Řehoř, Martin: Flows governed by a quasi-incompressible Cahn-Hilliard-Navier-Stokes type model [bibtex] [ris]


    Silvester, David: A posteriori error estimation for stochastic Galerkin approximation [bibtex] [ris]
    Starke, Gerhard: First-Order System Approaches to Hyperelastic Deformation Models [bibtex] [ris]
    Surnachev, Mikhail: Nonlinear parabolic equations degenerating on a part of the domain [bibtex] [ris]
    Świerczewska-Gwiazda, Agnieszka: Implicit relations in fluid mechanics and in abstract parabolic problems [bibtex] [ris]


    Tierra Chica, Giordano: On second order in time numerical schemes for the Cahn-Hilliard equation [bibtex] [ris]
    Tůma, Karel: A new class of thermodynamically compatible viscoelastic models: Application and computational simulation [bibtex] [ris]


    Vialov, Viktor: On Kelvin-Voigt viscoelastic solid model with an implicit constitutive relation for the viscous part [bibtex] [ris]


    Žabenský, Josef: Qualitative analysis for a generalization of the Darcy-Forchheimer equations [bibtex] [ris]

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