CMS Summer School on ‘Microstructure: Evolution and Dynamics’

An Israel Science Foundation (ISF) Workshop,
August 25-29, 2013, Technion, Haifa, Israel.

The summer school is designed to introduce young researchers and PhD-students to the modern theory of microstructure (and nanostructure) evolution and dynamics, which touches on central issues in materials science since it is critical in determining stability and other material properties. The mathematical study of microstructure evolution is challenging, since it entails length scales ranging from atomistic to macroscopic and often it is influenced by complex mechanical and electrostatic interactions between the various components of the materials.

There will be 5 mini-courses as well as  4-5 one hour outreach lectures emphasizing applications and experiment.

The main lectures series include:

  • Eric Carlen,  Kinetic theory methods in phase kinetics,
  • Craig Carter, Modelling material evolution and mesoscopic properties,
  • Keith Promislow, Structure formation in multi-component polymer materials,
  • Brian Wetton,  Numerical methods for energy gradient flows from materials science models,
  • Jonathan Zimmer, Upscaling from particles to PDEs.

Location & Directions: All lectures take place at the Department of Mathematics of the Technion in Haifa, Israel.

Accommodations and registration: Accommodation will be provided to registered participants.  There is a registration fee of 50$ which includes accommodation, refreshments, an excursion and transportation to/from hotel.

Please see webpage at for more details.

Organizers: Nir Gavish (Technion, Haifa), Amy Novick-Cohen (Technion, Haifa)