ERC Research Period on Calculus of Variations and Analysis in Metric Measure Spaces

Luigi Ambrosio and Aldo Pratelli, with the precious collaboration of Bernard Dacorogna, Guido De Phlippis, Nicola Fusco, Nicola Gigli, Carlo Mantegazza, Andrea Mennucci, Frank Morgan, Karl-Theodor Sturm, organize an intensive research activity in Pisa, with three schools (Analysis and Geometry on Singular spaces, June 9-13; School on Geometric evolution problems, June 23-28; School on Free discontinuity problems, July 7-12) and two meetings (Isoperimetric Problems between Analysis and Geometry, June 16-20; Existence and regularity for nonlinear sytems of partial differential equations, June 30-July 5).

Some funding for young participants is available.

Deadline for funding applications: March 31, 2014.

The poster of the event is available here.

Registration to the events of the bimester: