MORE: talk by J. Hron and PhD presentation by H. Švihlová

On Monday May 5, 2014 (at 8:30 in room K4), Jaroslav Hron and Helena Švihlová will talk about his recent work with a combined presentation entitled Intracranial aneurysm: a challenge for mathematical modeling, analysis and computations .

Abstract of the talk

On the problem of intracranial aneurysm we discuss several areas of mathematical models which might be necessary to consider in the complex problem like this. We discuss the appropriate model for the flow of the blood in vessel size typical for brain. This is then connected to the question of correct boundary conditions on the vessel walls, which can have significant influence on the usual measures like the wall shear stress. Finally, there is the question how the interaction with the elastic wall can change the flow and how this can be included in the numerical simulation. We will in each part shortly discuss certain aspects and current state of the subproblem.