MORE: talk by O. Souček

The talk On water transport in partially-molten ice -- a multi-phase theory approach, by Ondřej Souček, is held on Monday April 15, 2013 at 8:30 in room K4.

We present a two-phase model for thermo-mechanical evolution of partially molten ice and gravity-driven water extraction. We perform scale analysis and associated model reduction in a physical setting relevant for conditions in the ice layers of moons of outer planets in the solar system (Europa, Enceladus).

We revisit the traditional zero compaction length approximation, obtained by omission of the coupling effects between melt flow and ice deformation. We numerically investigate the relation between the shock-like solutions of the zero compaction length model and the wave-train solutions of the full model and examine the effects of the zero compaction length approximation on the character of the water transport.