MORE: talk by Tomáš Gergelits

The talk Vorobyev’s Method of Moments in Applied Mathematics - Part II
(Generalizations and Classification), by Tomáš Gergelits, will be held on Monday May 18, 2015 at 8:30 in room K4.


The talk is the second in series of three lectures devoted to Yu. V. Vorobyev's monograph Method of Moments in Applied Mathematics. The thorough monograph published in 1958 (translated to English in 1965) was build on the deep knowledge of the previous results and still might stimulate new developments for the future.

We recall the results presented in the first lecture for self-adjoint operators and discuss possible generalizations. Among others, we discuss problem of moments for nonlinear or unbounded operators, and the use of oblique (i.e. non-orthogonal) projection.