MORE: talk by Vít Průša

The talk Perspectives on using implicit type constitutive relations in the
modelling of the behaviour of non-Newtonian fluids, by Vít Průša, will be held on Monday February 16, 2015 at 8:30 in room K4. After that, Giordano Tierra will briefly present some preliminary computational results for fluids exhibiting non-monotone response.

Abstract of the talk

We will discuss---by referring to experimental data---the benefits of using the so-called implicit type constitutive relations introduced by (Rajagopal 2006, J. Fluid Mech. 550, 243) and (Rajagopal 2003, Appl. Math. 48, 279) in the description of the behaviour of non-Newtonian fluids. In particular, we will focus on the benefits of using the implicit type constitutive relations in the mathematical modelling of fluids in which the shear stress/shear rate dependence is given by an S-shaped curve, and in modelling of fluids that exhibit nonzero normal stress differences. We will also briefly discuss a thermodynamical framework that allows one to cope with the implicit type constitutive relations.