MORE: talk by Vladimír Janovský

The talk Lumped parameter friction models, by Vladimír Janovský, will be held on Monday March 23, 2015 at 8:30 in room K4.


We investigate two lumped parameter friction models: a dry-friction model (in 2-D) and a Coulomb friction model (in 6-D). The aim is a dynamical simulation of the relevant initial value problems. Both models are formulated by means of differential inclusions. We consider alternative formulations which are better suited for numerical purposes:

a) Standard equations of the motion completed by implicitly defined constitutive relationships. This leads to solving differential-algebraic equations (DAEs).
b) Filippov systems of ordinary differential equations (ODEs) with discontinuous right-hand sides. For a numerical solution one can use the Filippov's convex method. We try to compare both approaches.