MORE: talks by Miroslav Tůma & Ondřej Kurka

The first talk is by Mirek Tůma held from 9:00 am till 10:00 am in K3. Mirek will finish his previous talk. The title and abstract read as follows.
Title: Preconditioned iterative methods for the least squares problem - Part II
Abstract: The talk will represent an introduction to the linear least squares tackled by iterative methods. Basic solution approaches will be mentioned and one particular way to solve the problem will be described.

The second talk is by Ondřej Kurka held from 10:10 am till 10:30 am in K3. The title and abstract are given below.
Title: Zippin's embedding theorem and amalgamations of classes of Banach spaces
Abstract: A classical result of Zippin states that every separable reflexive Banach
    space embeds isomorphically into a reflexive Banach space which
    admits a Schauder basis. We show that it is possible to provide an
    isometric version of this result. This enables us to find an isometrically
    universal reflexive space for many classes of reflexive spaces. For
    example, there exists a separable reflexive Banach space that contains
    an isometric copy of every super-reflexive separable Banach space.